Love in Poker Room

In all poker success stories there’s always going to real human heartache out there. Some poor online poker player fell in love with a fellow player who went on to break his heart. Almost. Not knowing which way to turn with his burgeoning love, he turned to agony aunt, Amy, for advice

Eight months ago, I joined an online poker site to unwind from work. I met a lady on this site. We’d meet at the tables and do some flirting…. Then one evening she let me know that she was still happily married…. But things have started heating up again…. We don’t know what to do. Neither of us wants to lose the other, but we know this can’t go on as is.

Ever impressed by her ability to discern the poker player from real life love, Amy points out that his online love could in fact be a trucker called Manny. Harsh, Amy, harsh.

Instead of separating her Jacks from her deuces, Amy gives it to the poor guy straight – With a strict warning to never go on the internet relationship route, she believes those that do quite simply have a problem. That maybe true, Amy, but should I bet on the river or not?

Internet “relationships” are so enticing because we can invent our identities and hide our weaknesses and insecurities. You don’t love her. She doesn’t love you. This entire relationship is an invention.

If you can only develop relationships in the virtual world, then you have a problem larger than whether you and your poker buddy love each other.

Anyway, altogether now….Awwww.