Man Picks $1 Million Lottery Ticket Out Of Trash


Trash turns into treasure at a Blackstone convenience store. NBC 10’s Brian Crandall reported that Edward St. John picked a scratch ticket worth $1 million out of a trash can at a White Hen Pantry.

St. John is keeping a low profile. He’s not saying much and not showing off the ticket. “I’m elated over it. Who wouldn’t be?” he said through the door of his home. Bob Penta manages the White Hen and sees St. John often. “He takes losing lottery tickets out of the trash. That’s what he does,” Penta said. St. John has gone to the store twice a day almost every day for at least three years.

He picked out a $1,000 winner earlier this year. “Tuesday he came in and showed me the one he found in the trash for a million dollars,” Penta said. “I verified it, and I verified it on the lottery machine, too.” Norman Lafond is a regular scratch ticket customer at the store, but he said he didn’t throw out the winner. “That’s something. It’s a one time thing, I guess,” Lafond said.

But there could be a hitch. Someone else is coming forward with a claim on the winning ticket. His lawyer told NBC 10 that the man bought 250 of the tickets on the day in question, and the winning one falls within that batch. The lawyer said his client mistakenly discarded it. The Massachusetts State Lottery Commission says finder’s keepers — whoever brings in the ticket is the winner.