Paris Hilton likes to play POKER!


It must be tough being a Hilton.

Poor little rich girl Paris Hilton has become quite the poker addict recently. In fact, so addicted, that during one particular poker game she put her beloved $180,000 bentley GT on the line in lieu of money. And lost.

So mommy and daddy Hilton have decided to intervene – and banned her from the Las Vegas Hilton. Strangely I can’t remember the last time The Las Vegas Hilton was deemed trendy enough for Paris to stay in. I thought it was The Palms and Hard Rock that attracted those tabloid favourites. But what do I know…

Poor old Paris is used to winning not losing! She recently said: “I’m obsessed with poker. It’s my favourite game now. I’m really lucky in Vegas. I always win.”

However, the tables have turned on Paris and she is learning the hard lesson that the house always wins…even if your parents own the house.

Of course, never ones to ignore free publicity when it becomes available, Party Poker have stepped in and offered her a deal she probably may refuse – play heads-up texas hold’em and win – and she’ll get a Bentley GT. Then again, as with the online gambling sites, for Paris, any publicity is great publicity – so maybe she will take the challenge