Student Poker Tournaments


College Poker Championship offers college students an alternative to playing for serious money online.

What can be won through this site? For starters, scholarships and the ability to be recognized as the “Worlds Best College Poker Player 2006.”

The site hosts free tournaments to interested college students and the students have the opportunity to win as much at $135,000 in scholarship awards.

The process to win is a long one but it is also a free way to learn and potentially become one of the worlds best.

Poker is a great challenge,” said distance learning systems administrator for the Center for Teaching and Learning and founder of the Wings group for Texas Hold ’em Charles Platt.

“It is a great skill and it is not gambling. Most people do not have the strength to sit and wait for cards,” said Platt who has been playing poker for about four years.

Platt said he learned the ins and outs of the game through an online poker site called Poker School.

He said this website is a wonderful way to learn with the possibility of winning real money. “It is better than the poker at,” he said.

People who usually play house games may be slightly frightened by the thought of Internet play. Platt offered some tips for students playing online.

“There are tells online,” he said “but they are harder to spot.”
A tell is a habit or mannerism that gives away strength or weakness in a poker hand.

He said online tells include things like: How long do they take to act? How much are they betting? Did they bet the same a little while ago in a similar situation? Is their computer set to automatically fold while they are away from their computer?

“It is a different animal than home games,” Platt said.

Wright State students offered their own insight for playing online. “It is hard to bluff online. You don’t get to look at faces and actions,” said political science and African-American politics major Mike Ruffin.

“Playing online gives you the probability of having the winning hand which you can use in a similar situation in a home game,” said marketing junior Capri Pointer.

Poker sites are making big dollars and college students are getting hooked into poker.

Platt said that the biggest tip he could offer was to tell students to keep a ledger of all money won or lost. After a few months, he said look at the ledger and find out where the money is being won and lost, and adjust based on that.

All that is needed to play poker is an Internet connection or some chips, some beers and a few friends for a home game. “It is cheaper than going to a bar all night or dinner and a movie,” Platt said.